You're here, now what?

The first time we meet I'll need to take down your details and go over just a few medical things.

Then I will need to know what you're after.  If you just want a massage then we can usually get straight on with it.  You might want full body or to really focus on an area, it's up to you.

We listen


If you have an injury you'd like help with then I will need to know as much as possible about how you got injured.  We might need to try a few movements or I may need to perform a few tests.  This is always gentle.  Massage may well be appropriate but some nice movements or rehabilitation exercise will almost certainly be needed.  We can agree a realistic plan for you that makes sense, is manageable and hopefully fun.


We listen, more.

No amount of clicking, cracking, pulling or rubbing will fix chronic pain,
- We need to look much deeper

If you have had pain for a long time, for example back pain for 20 years then we need to have a more in-depth conversation.  Unfortunately, no hands-on technique can fix this - if there was, I would be doing it. Although massage does give safe pain relief which will likely be of great value.  We may need to chat about other aspects of your life.  

Talking 2.png

When we experience persistent pain there is always a story and there is always you.  Your family, your work life and the things you've had to give up.  You need to tell your story so we can make sense of it.

Most importantly, this is a safe and warm environment in which you can relax and speak openly and honestly about your experience.  You will never have to do anything you don't want to, or if you don't like being touched anywhere in particular then that too is respected.

Moving towards a more comfortable life takes time and commitment but is worth it.  You will not become dependant on me, we will work together to help you look after yourself.

Really professional, knowledgeable service. I went to Tristen with a rugby related injury which he diagnosed and treated accordingly. The treatment has helped hugely!
— R.S.
I drove all the way from Hereford for a massage because I’ve heard excellent things about the Massage Moose. I train hard and needed someone capable to work on my shoulder. Highly recommend to everyone
— A.N.