Does back pain rule your life?

Does it stop you doing things you used to love? Persistent back pain (classed as more than 12 weeks) impacts on every part of life, and even effects those around us.

Perhaps you have seen all kinds of specialists and maybe something helps for a while, but it doesn't last.

A hurting back can be really scary.  We worry that it's degenerating, is weak or is going to collapse altogether.  Maybe even scared we'll end up paralysed.  

However, backs are super-strong and hard to damage.  Very often the pain we feel is because of our central nervous system going a bit silly, not our backs.  That's good news, because we can do something about that.  Massage will help with pain, but if we want a long term improvement we need to look more closely at your lifestyle, sleep, emotions, stress and beliefs.

Pain is a multidimensional experience so needs more than a one-dimensional solution.

What causes persistent back pain?

What are the factors that best predict the likelihood of chronic back pain (non-traumatic)?

  • Posture?

  • Age?

  • Abnormalities in an MRI scan?

  • Core strength?

No...  Surprised?

These ideas have dominated for decades, often with minimal or no supporting evidence.  You might be interested to learn that the research over the last 10 years has really challenged these ideas.  Rather, the best predictors are currently considered to include:

  • Chronic stress

  • Depression

  • Stressful life events

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Your beliefs about your body.

We now regard pain as having multiple causes, usually coinciding to cause a pain experience.  Psychology, context and the story of you are much more important than your physical structure.  


"I was told..."

If you have ever been told:

  • "You have the back of an 80 year old..."

  • "Your disk has slipped..."

  • "You need maintenance..."

  • "Your spine is unstable..."

  • "Your pain is because of your posture..."

  • "You have disc degeneration..."

  • "You are out of alignment..."

Then it's time for some new, evidence-based information and time to think differently about pain. Moose really wants to help you get out of pain and get on with your life (and save lots of money!).

We approaches back pain with methods based on cognitive functional therapy and modern pain science.

This is a progressive and evidence-based approach that puts you and your pain first and helps you work your way out of pain.  This does NOT require lots of sessions, just a few.


Moose wants to hear your story.


Fantastic. Been going to various chiropractors for years, couldn’t really resolve my issues. A couple of visits to Moose and a few exercise tips and I’ve never felt better. Highly recommend.
— T.S.