Runners love to run!  

People who run, love to run (mostly).  Runners often experience pain in their feet, knees, calves, achilles and hips. The majority of running-related pain is due to training error and the good news is that modifying training has a huge impact on injury rates.

Common running complaints:

  • Plantar fasciopathy - (sometimes referred to as plantar fasciitis) a pain in the sole of the foot while running and walking.  If this progresses, it can prevent someone from running altogether.
  • Runner's knee (patellofemoral pain) - This can be quite complex and usually requires a multifaceted approach to resolving.  Examining muscle function, control and running gait
  • Achilles tendinopathy - this is pain in the big tendon at the back of the ankle.  Running places a very heavy demand on this structure.  Luckily it's super strong, but can sometimes get a bit irritated causing some pain.


Gait Analysis

Gait analysis in the Moose running clinic is not the same as in a running shop.  We're not selling shoes!  However, analysis can provide useful insights when examining a pain and planning a rehabilitation program.

Gait analyses are only conducted at the Training Shed clinic - there's a treadmill.

Run or Rest?

The majority of running related pain is not damage so much as it is an overuse related pain.  The good news is that most often the running can continue, but may just need to be reduced for a while.  

Tris is very professional, knowledgeable and extremly diligent, putting a lot of effort into understanding the patient’s goals. He runs a flawless service and has provided me with a great deal of support over the last two and a half years.
— J.B.
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