Where does it hurt?  

What can't you do?  

A good place to start.

Perhaps you have an old or recent injury, a chronic condition or you just don't know, but it's not comfortable.  We can start with an assessment of your movement and joints, talk about your background and lifestyle which may have contributed to aches and pains.  From there we devise a treatment for you.


  • Muscular aches - work, play, injury, illness, post-op and sometimes for no good reason at all, we just hurt.

  • Back pain - A classic!

  • Tension headaches - often caused by muscular tension in the neck.

  • Sore and tight neck - very common and helped with massage.

  • Sciatica - nerve impingement/entrapment often results from muscle spasms.

  • Shoulder pain - a complex joint that may hurt while feeling stiff, weak or unstable. All of which can be addressed with a combination of therapy, rehabilitation some habit changes.

Massage therapy is a safe, effective and ethical treatment of the body's soft tissue.

Some conditions are best helped with a combination of massage and rehabilitation protocols (homework!) such as stretches, mobilisations, strengthening and balancing.  It's different for each person.

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£45 for 1 hour
£225 Block of 6 x 1 hour (saves £45)

Tris is very professional, knowledgeable and extremly diligent, putting a lot of effort into understanding the patient’s goals. He runs a flawless service and has provided me with a great deal of support over the last two and a half years.
— J.B.