Hurt myself gardening!! (GRMSKPS)


Spring might be lurking.  Tentatively starting to bath us in warmth as we dare to dream of getting into the garden and... BBQs.  The first trip to the garden centre must surely be anytime soon.  Before you know it… the smell of fresh cut grass on a summer’s day.

The first sunny weekend of the year is a bumper time for the garden centres.

About 2 weeks later, is a busy time for me.


This is the drill:

The first sunny weekend of the year is a bumper time for the garden centres.

About 2 weeks later, is a bumper time for me.

Off to the garden centre. 

After staring wistfully at this year’s shiny deluxe BBQs, smokers and fire pits, make a mental note on the wish list and get on with the task.


  • 8 monster bags of compost 
  • A few trays of colourful herbaceous annuals  
  • Box of lawn treatment
  • New ceramic pots
  • A bird table
  • And what the hell, a new hose gun nozzle because the old one cracked in the ice (like every year).

Look at the BBQs, smokers and fire pits one more time, go home.

Get started:

Mow, strim, edge, dig, plant, rake, clear, treat, pressure-wash, till, sweep, prune, weed, clean the BBQ while thinking about the new one. 

Jump on the green wheelie bin to squash the waste down and drag out front.  Done.


Hydrate with cold beer.



Go to work feeling a bit cranky but discuss the lovely weather and what you did in the garden.



It hurts to drive, go upstairs, sit, stand or dismount the toilet.


You develop a slight fear of sneezing.


You may have gardening-related musculoskeletal pain syndrome (GRMSKPS)*.

*I made this up.


Why does this happen?


1.    It’s s sudden change in what we are demanding of our bodies.  If you take up a new sport, or start at the gym, you’ll probably ache a bit, you're just not used to it.  Don't beat yourself up.

2.    Gardening is hard work.  Digging is really hard work.

3.    DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness.  When you push your muscles hard, they ache more the next day.  Even more the day after that.

4.    Hydrating with beer.  Ain't judging.


If you really strain a muscle (minor tears of the muscle fibres) it might just take a bit longer to heal, so be patient.  Move it, use it, but avoid hurting it.  Let it do it’s thing.  Gradually start using it normally.

Maybe next time, don’t do it all in one go.

If you're suffering a bit much, or concerned about GRMSKPS, please do get in touch.  It may be that you just need some reassurance and advice on how to best to compliment your body's healing process. 

Keeping it simple.