The maintenance myth and my sh*tty business model.

True story:

A client tells me she has been seeing a chiropractor, every 4 weeks, for the last 10 years (that’s 10 years, I’d say £3,850).

Moose: Does it work?  Is it helping?

Client: …I don’t know.

Moose: Have you thought of easing off, or taking a break from it?

Client: When I last went, I asked the receptionist if I could leave it 6 weeks, she said it would be a bad idea, that I might find I end up needing another one 2 weeks after that.  So I asked for 5 weeks, she gave me a date 4 weeks later.


This is not improving a patient’s life, or empowering them to look after themselves.  It is paying someone’s mortgage by creating dependency.  This is not unique to chiropractors, I know good ones who don’t do this, but many therapists do follow this business model.  It is a business model.

The word maintenance is not appropriate for therapy.  It is appropriate for cars – if you do not pay a professional to service your car, it will die.  Human bodies are not the same.  You can move, eat well, sleep well and generally look after yourself.  You do not need a professional to maintain you.



Maintenance is not getting better.

People see me for on-going, sometimes regular massage, this is fine.  It is always under the explicit understanding that the client likes it, values it, feels benefit from it, and absolutely does not need it.  And that’s the same reason I have a massage every month, have done for years.  I love it, feels great.  Don’t need any pseudoscientific reasoning behind it.

When an injury requires rehabilitation, there’s an end point, it’s done, go enjoy and call me if there’s a problem.  When I see clients with chronic back pain and start them on a journey out of pain, it’s usually 2-5 sessions at the very most, almost everyone.  It just doesn’t take that long.  Good for them, not good for business, what I like to call - my shitty business model.

Expectations are being managed so you buy into it, a professional keeps you in tip-tip condition by maintaining you.  Some medical conditions do require maintenance, none of which are manual therapy.  

A therapy that takes years with no improvement, does not work.

Big Moose love,


The Massage Moose

Shitty business model projections 

Shitty business model projections